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News and Announcements

Weekly reports for Fall 2024 will be posted starting in September! Check our WEEKLY REPORT PAGE each week to see how our season has been going. 
Banding Demos will be starting back up in Sept. 2024 at Cape May Point, Cape May, NJ.  More info here.

Photos of the Week

During the banding season which runs September through November, we will be posting one or more photos of the week so check back in September. 

Best Times for Raptors in Cape May by Species

Sept. 8 – Oct. 14

Peregrine Falcons
Sept. 22 – Oct. 14

Sharp-shinned Hawks
Sept. 15 – Oct. 21

Cooper’s Hawks
Sept.15 – Oct. 21

Northern Harriers
Oct. 13- Nov. 11

Hawk Banding Demos are held on Saturdays and Sundays at Cape May Point State Park and on Sundays at The Nature Conservancy South Cape May Meadows. More info here.