From mid-September through October, banders and research assistants share their experiences in bird banding and their knowledge of birds of prey with interested visitors. These presentations are informal and offer plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Whenever possible, banded raptors, ready for release, are brought to the demo to provide first hand observation of these magnificent birds.


*** Please Note

All banding demonstrations for the 2021 season are cancelled. Conditions created by the Covid 19 pandemic compromised our ability to recruit and hire a seasonal Research Technician. As a result, we are unable to provide the staff needed for our regularly scheduled public presentations or for those requested by private groups. We apologize for the inconvenience and plan to be back to a normal schedule next year.

Cape May Point State Park

10:00 am each Saturday and Sunday morning from September 14 through the end of October. Meet next to the bird watching platform.

The Nature Conservancy Meadows

11:30 am each Saturday from September 14 through the end of October. Meet at the parking lot contact station.